Classroom Study

As classroom is a place where we make our product ready for the industry use output,  as it is done into education and disabilities and how the two interact, general education teachers are finding themselves needing to teach in an inclusive classroom. An inclusive classroom is a general education classroom in which students with and without disabilities learn together. It is essentially the opposite of a special education classroom, where students with disabilities learn with only other students with disabilities.

There are a variety of strategies and techniques you can use to create a productive and successful inclusive classroom.

We support digital mode of education which is well equipped in its own track.


Classrooms at KIT are well equipped with all the basic facilities.

We understand the importance of comfort in class within the lecture duration. We have  Projectors equipped classrooms which helps in various domains ie ,Easier Note Taking ,Greater Teaching Versatility, Better Use of Class Time, Better Student Presentations.

We have some more smart features enabled with us for our students which will definitely help our students for their overall development for eg Wifi ,Labs,Recreation rooms ,Doubt sessions and much more which could not be illustrated in words.